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(the show: 04-10-06 | the replay)

this was such a messed up time in the Bush administration – watching the Scott McClellan commentary brings me back. He really took a bullet – of course he signed up for the job, but i couldn’t help feeling bad for him. The sportsracer name “SparkleBeauty” came from one of the cats that I grew up with. His… let me repeat that… HIS name was sparklebeauty because my little sister was allowed to name both of the cats. KatieFlower, in my opinion got the better end of the deal.

The little song inserts became a fun part of the show. I had heard of the idea of “microsongs” from Brian Eno and wanted to try and create small little catchy tunes that would relate to something in the show without the commitment of writing a whole track (Borges did something like this with a series for literature with a series of incredible stories about stories which i won’t explain more than that). I especially liked strange phrases that had a nice rhythm to it. “Who likes the little duckies in the pond” was one of them – although my favorite line for the show that inspired a small song was “little elevators are far to small for me.” saying it makes me smile.

even though i know the punchline the “lemons and wildflowers” line still cracks me up :-)

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