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For information on past shows, see the show with zefrank.

this is a space to share ideas about continuing the show after march 17th. you can also discuss it in the forum.


ideas in development

ask zefrank to stay for a little guidance

if we could get ze to stay with us on a part time basis it would do wonders for viewer retention. maybe a rtfedd styled show that looks back on the week's shows. we'll need to make something that he'll want to stick around for first.

weekly clip-show theme

for those that don't want to create an entire show: a gallery to make smaller clips available. this would work similar to photoshop contests at other sites where a theme is set for people to work off of. an editor could then select and patch them together to create an entire show.

chips theme day

for those who pine for the days of "ultimate" macho, ze should do a show devoted exclusively to ponch and jon. Skin-tight California Highway Patrol uniforms are a must.

current projects


create a wiki calendar so that we can organize air times and editing.
a working example of past shows is now available

slightly radical proposal

How to continue the show on a fan basis? Don't. It would be the vlog equivalent of fanfic. Ze's stuff didn't derive from anything before it; it would be a disservice to the spirit of the show to do something deriving from Ze's show. Best way to honor and pay tribute to the show is to endeavour to create something as unique and new as Ze's show has turned out to be, but fueled by your own creativity, not by Ze's show. 19:06, 10 March 2007 (PST)

I'd agree with this. Leave the show at its end. When you start adding more to it, eventually the quality drops and taints all that has come before it.


want to say something? not sure where to do it? this is the place
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There should be more distinction in the page titles so they don't get confused.
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