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(Rubs eyes, sighs. Holds up micro ketchup bottle.)

I feel like a giant.

Morning Sports racers, friday june, fif--sixteenth. Ooof. Knowledge is I'm craaazy. Yeahyeah.

S-s-s-something from the comments.

Joseph writes: "You're slacking there Ze. You haven't made me laugh in a week."

Shush. No more talking.

(Flipping through phonebook)

Joseph... I don't see your name in the League of Awesomeness. Maybe you're in the Reserves. Oh there you are. Joseph: Annoying prick.

You know, Joseph, since you put all that effort into writing that comment I'm going to give you a Sports racer name. From now on you'll be known as Tiny Dick. One little caveat though: in order for you to be a Sports racer you have to walk around with a towel pinched between your butt cheeks, 'kay? (Shows how that should be done)

(Sipping beer) It's a family show, something for everyone.

(On the phone to reception) Hi, I was wondering, could I have a clean towel delivered to my room?

(Towel gets delivered) Thank you so much, buddy. Here let me give you some. (Gives him a tip)

Dirty Space News.

The New Scientist reports a new trojan asteroid hints at a huge Neptunian cloud.

Trojahaha Trojha Trojha Trha Trojans are condoms, hah

What is What is this? Is this a show?

Francesco Marzari at the University of Padova Italy says "This finding strongly supports the idea that Neptune Trojans fill a thick disk with a population comparable to or even larger than that of the Jupiter Trojans."

Fills a big disk, haha.

Sorry, thick disk, not big disk.

(Whispering) That's me being serious.

The article goes on to say "How planets acquire their Trojans has been much discussed by researchers."

I'm keeping it together ha.

Ya, this is Ze Frank. I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm doing it so you don't have to.


This episode was removed allegedly under pressure from The League of Awesomeness. A petition was started to restore it, which apparently worked, since it was restored on July 4, 2006 bearing the caption "ok... you win."


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