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If a duckie and a baby rabbit fought to the death who would win?

Good morning Sportsracers it's monday june nineteenth knowledge says it's summer in New York a time when women's breasteses magically reappear after a winter of hibernation. A time when auto makers can show off the solar heating properties of their black leather upholstery. A time when the man sandal proves that we shouldn't be allowed to dress on our own. A time when any part of your body that consists of two large globes of flesh pressed together like my ass shows off its ability to manufacture rivulets of sweat. I love me some summertime. Here kitty kitty.

Hey speaking of asses here's s-s-something from the comments. Walker writes: "Why was friday's show taken down?" I didn't take it down the League of Awesomeness took it down. They said it was inappropriate. Yeah like everyone hasn't walked around a hotel room with a towel pinched between their butt cheeks. They said it was embarassing. But they said they'd put it back up if they'd got fifty pictures of the word Sports racer written across your bare asses. Make sure they can see your face too! That's not so hard, I mean, we're all in this together, right?

According to Reuters Our Dear and Glorious Leader Google has launched US government search. In a press release Google said the site should make finding US government information easier for government employees and contractors. Some news sources have speculated that this is a suck-up move manufactured by the good-looking one Sergei Brin in his efforts to lobby for net neutrality. Regardless of the motive the White House is overjoyed that it's finally found the place where a search for WMD's in Iraq actually yields results. A hundred and twentytwo thousand! Told ya! And in point oh four seconds, no less. Some searches even have more results than that.

Some dude sent me a picture of his kid doing a power move. Yeah like that's possible.

(kid) Ze! This is my power move.

Ahhh! Holy (bleep)! That's the best (bleep) power move I've ever seen! That kid's a (bleep) genius. No special effects, you can do that power move anywhere and just be awesome. I name you Bonesaw. Bonesaw, if any kid makes fun of you on the playground you just do that. Problem solved. Trust me, I've tried it.

(echochamber) This is Ze Frank thinking, so you don't have to.


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