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In the Beginning...

In the beginning there was The Show. Ze the Knowledgeable ruled the land, with a hand that was sarcastic, but fair. There were droll songs, and Power Moves. Satire was abundant and duckies innumerate. Sports Racers rejoiced, for earth sandwiches were plentiful and hard-chargers few.

Then came days of wrath, for Sports Racers had become displeased and scolded He who is Awesome with criticism.

‘Thou sucketh’ they declared.
‘Thou doeth unfunny things’ they shouted.
‘Thou should do this like that’ they wailed.

Ze did look, and Ze did see the comments were dire, and Ze got cheesed off.

‘I grow weary of thy constant disapproval. My minions, think selves mightier than I...’ He huffeth, and He puffeth, and singeth a challenge...
Fabuloso Friday’s where you make the show for me.
Everything I say and do, except no nudity.

If you write everything and supply the pictures, I’ll do it. Click on the Fabuloso Friday link to contribute. Keep it under three minutes. It might get confusing, but remember: there’s no winning, only losing.

Fabuloso... Fabuloso Friday!

Sports Racers flock to wiki did, their numbers large, enthusiasm abundant, yet talent wanting. Contribute they did and were christened Fabulosos. There were weird songs, and douche abuse. Duckies were countless and poop a-plenty. There was much rejoicing.

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