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(Remix of Ray's song "Whip Some Ass" plays)

(Text appears on screen): who is ray? where is ray? i don't know.

(Ze appears in extreme closeup, whispering to the camera.) Listen, I know I'm not supposed to talk about news, but there's this article about a CBC chairman who's facing ridicule because he gave an interview all about poop.

(League of Awesomeness sound plays. - uummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

Oh crap, I gotta go. Links in the side bar. (Ze reaches up quickly to turn off the camera.)

(Ze returns with a fixed, slightly manic smile.) Hi Sports Racers, another day in Happy Week! A week where we don't talk about news (he winks and glances at the sidebar link) and instead focus on happy things!

Whatev-- Whatever you do throughout the show, don't look at my forehead zit. (Ze helpfully points out where not to look.)

(Photo of Ze at the dentist's office looking shell-shocked.) In honor of Happy Week, I went to the dentist yesterday.

(Closeup of Ze, up his nose, old school Blair Witch Project stylee.) I even brought along my left booger.

(Ze, live from the dentist's chair): The music's creepy. Look, a little toilet. (Shot of a toilet-like sink.) I hate his taste in art. (Camera pans to ugly art on the wall.)

(Ze narrates over still photos): He had all sorts of toys laid out but I didn't really know how to play with any of them. (Ze, unhappy, with a mouthful of dental toys.) Luckily, he showed me how.

(Zoom to jar with "Ashes of Problem Patients" written on it): What a sense of humor. Too bad they misspelled "asses."

(Tracking shot of Ze leaving the dentist's.) Boy, was I sad when the fun had to stop.

(Ze slurs through numb lips.) I hate that man. And I can't feel my face.

By going to the dentist, I was trying to bust my cycle. Bust my cycle.

Busting your cycle is where you take one aspect of your life that's more or less constant and you purposely bust it. By temporarily breaking a routine, you can often experience the world in a very different way. If you bust the right cycle, this shift in perspective can often lead to elation and a sense of possibility.

By going to the dentist I was trying to bust the cycle of not having people fuck with my mouth. That turned out to be the wrong cycle to bust and it just plain sucked.

Busting some other cycles has worked out for me though. I find that the best routines to bust are the ones you spend the most energy trying to maintain. For example, sometimes I get anxious about sleeping. I get all worked up about falling asleep and not getting back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night.

So I bust that cycle by purposely setting my alarm and starting my day at an ungodly hour. When you walk around the streets at 5 in the morning and you realize that some people do it every day! And as you go through your day you realize that you can still function even though you're really tired. And instead of being stressful, that entire giddiness can make the world a little bit fun.

That's just one example, there's tons of cycles you can bust. For some people it's travelling to a remote place and realizing that the world doesn't stop without cell phone connection. For other people it's not wearing underwear for a day or trying sushi for the first time. And sometimes it can just be changing the simplest part of your day.

(Ze in the kitchen): For example, every day I make my peanut butter and jelly sandwich the same way: a little bit of peanut butter and a little bit of jelly.

But today, I thought I'd try something a little bit different!

A lot of peanut butter (Ze plasters a lot of peanut butter all over his face) and a whole bunch of jelly. (Ze smears jelly all over his face with Ray's Whip Ass song in the background.)

(Ze, disguised as peanut butter and jelly): I feel... I feel happy! (Crazy laugh.)

(Ze puts bread on his PB&J face.) I'm a sandwich!

It's Happy Week: Are you happy?

But you know would make me really happy? Is if somebody sponsored The Show. Even just for one day.

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