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January 9, 2007

i can't help it

Mandarin Ducklings jumping out of a tree : the music...oh yes....the majesty

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Comments (20)

Duckie lemmings!

Posted by: Rebecca at January 9, 2007 11:01 AM

Ah, a David Attenborough classic! Those duckies are quite resilient.

Posted by: Christopher at January 9, 2007 12:22 PM

god that made me giggle. How disgustingly adorable.....in a good way

Posted by: Kitze at January 9, 2007 1:09 PM

Hmm.. we've already got armored cats and mice. Bring on the duckie armor!!


Posted by: Michael at January 9, 2007 1:13 PM

They're so cute! I think if I'd been the person filming that, I might have run in while one of them was falling, snatched it and run away...

Posted by: Amber at January 9, 2007 1:14 PM

just lovely. image quality is non-youtube as well...

Posted by: Marco Raaphorst at January 9, 2007 2:43 PM

The bravest little duckies. And to think: some days I am afraid to get out of bed. There's a lot to be learned here.

Posted by: Flood at January 9, 2007 2:52 PM

Posted by: Bob at January 9, 2007 4:04 PM

I had no idea duckies could bounce. How brave they are!

Posted by: cat at January 10, 2007 1:54 AM

ya that was moderately creepy. bouncing duckies.

Posted by: stevie gray at January 10, 2007 2:00 PM

I am awed, impressed, and oozing with brave duckie cuteness, although the Mandarin reference initally caused concern.

How do they get back in the tree?


p.s. Amber I tried that once in a woodland stream (I just wanted to hold one, I swear I wasn't going to take it!) Duckie cuteness is rivaled only by their fierceness if they think their babies are under threat.

Although being dive bombed by a duck is an interesting experience I don't suggest seeking it!

Posted by: ~kitsu at January 10, 2007 4:57 PM

lol i watched this prgramme last week its fasinating

Posted by: terry at January 11, 2007 5:03 PM

The first duckling that jumped looked like a squirrel or somethin' right at first. :)

Posted by: Elise O. at January 11, 2007 6:01 PM

this is great...

Posted by: Cara at January 11, 2007 8:38 PM

I cut out the Bravest duckies for everyone.
I wish I was a braver duckie.

Posted by: Grendly at January 12, 2007 10:50 AM

do you ever blink? Could you blink once for me, even a wink? bravo, thanks for the show.

Posted by: reincat at January 13, 2007 9:50 AM

Ah duckies.
They are so great.

Posted by: PirateBoy at January 13, 2007 2:15 PM

And to think that that exact cycle has been continuing unchanged, for centuries, As long as the natural habitant is unchanged, it will continue for more centuries.

Posted by: SEarch ENgines WEb at January 14, 2007 3:30 AM

Whenever I watch this show, I keep expecting Cleese to interrupt himself with something like 'NEEE! NEEE!'

Posted by: cadydidwhat at January 15, 2007 5:49 PM

aww gawd... the nubby little wings... awwww.... :D

Posted by: Marianne at January 17, 2007 8:38 PM

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