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December 14, 2007

talking scribble

below is a neat vid describing how the folks at digger created a talking character using the scribbler and a host of other applications :: the scribbler is one of the most-used mini creative apps on zefrank.com (beat out only by the flower maker ::

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Comments (2)

I'm always amazed at the ideas people have, and how they go about bringing those to fruition.

Thanks again for sharing Ze. Oh, and by the way, you're doing a fantastic job on The A-List. I hope to see you in more episodes.

Posted by: jeremy at December 14, 2007 11:01 PM

Hey there Ze. You're great and offer so much to people. I am always singing your praises and pointing the way to Zeland! I was about to delete my media on Spymac. bUT saw this link and didn't want to blank out your media here.
I'll keep it up and let you know when I repost it somewhere else. I AM LEAVING SPYMAC. The community of artists are awesome but tptb at SPYMAC are too creepy for me. Many are about to jump ship. I was asked to start my own artist community similar to Spymac. People are interested and would follow me but I am an artist and don't have the skills that you do. Spymac started out good rewarding members with sharing half of their advertisement money with artists. Then they started a Top 100 list where only 100 members could win top prize now is 10. Now it's come to be found out that several members with geek experiences have overturned multiple accounts and the same people within a group winning. But scamming is not the worst of it.Recently in http://classic.spymac.com (rating and link thread) a whistle blower exposed the same group of winning members were sending kiddie/adult porn people to the family pages. NO ONE WAS disqualified or banned and they are about to be reward for all this with thousands of dollars! I AM OUT OF THERE taking all of my works off.

There's about to be a mad exit. What do you think of an artist communty like this. Would it be hard to set up? Would you be interested in something like this. I could send a bunch of people your way if you were. Is it not worth the effort? If so and you are not interested how would I go about finding people who could start something like this who are for the artists and not the money alone?

Keep up the great work I have gone through all your works YOU'RE PURE GENIUS!

Posted by: diggersstory at February 10, 2008 10:07 AM

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